Shiawase Project

OCJAA Senior Shiawase (Happiness) Project is designed to assist Japanese and Japanese-American seniors who may be lonely or isolated, who may suffer from illnesses, or who have been socioeconomically affected due to COVID-19,

with the primary goal of bringing moments of "shiawase" to their lives. OCJAA's programs under this Project include:

(1) Magokoro Bento (Bento from the Heart), a program to deliver healthy bentos twice a month to our seniors;

(2) online classes (iPad/iPhone/Zoom/Computer) and 1-on-1 home IT support/tablet loaning services to re-engage our seniors with families and friends online and experience the world via the web;

(3) Caregiver Support Services to support the primary caregivers of our seniors, who are mostly seniors themselves, and create a safe and calming environment to learn caregiving techniques and share experiences with one another;

(4) Senior Telephone Tree, a program that connects our Board Members with our elderly members to have a friendly chat and to check-in on their health, safety and well-being;

(5) Senior Luncheon to celebrate our age 80 and over seniors' life achievements. The Senior Shiawase Project is meant to re-engage our seniors, provide them with a sense of belonging and connections to critical services as well as family, friends and the world, lift their spirits and comfort them during this crisis, and provide enjoyable and "shiawase" moments to remind them that they are special and we care.

Our Mission

The mission of the Orange County Japanese American Association is to provide and promote various social services and Japanese cultural activities in Orange County through events, programs and seminars.

In order to accomplish our Mission, Orange County Japanese American Association provides:

・Public information, referral services, community education/services and Counseling, Information & Referral Social Services, Flu Shot, Support Group Meeting for Senior Care, Health Seminars, Educational Seminars, Publication of the Orange Network, Classes in many Varieties.

・Promotes events, Japanese cultural fairs and international cultural exchanges, and Joint Community Service Efforts, and Annual Golf Tournaments. ​Recognizes seniors, community organizations/individual.

・Academic/cultural scholarships. Annual Senior Citizen Application Days, Community Service Awards, Annual College Freshman Scholarships, Annual Japanese Cultural Scholarships.


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